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Wolfenstein: The New Order clocks up 100,000 illegal downloads

Torrent site reports large file size not deterring all pirates

A major Torrent site has reported that over 100,000 gamers have illegally downloaded a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order since release, despite its intimidatingly large 43.65GB file size.

TorrentFreak provided the numbers along with the theory that the huge file size was an attempt by Bethesda to limit illegal file-sharing. Some torrent users even decided to buy the game after seeding it through file-sharing sites just took too long.

Still, the game had dubious honour of seeing the largest torrent swarms last week.

Wolfenstein: The New Order was UK number one this week, achieving the second biggest release of 2014 just behind Titanfall. It represented 25 per cent of all software sales in the UK last week, and reached number one in the all-formats chart for the first time in the history of the series.

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