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Unreal Engine 4 roadmap made public

Epic will let people vote on how it should improve its ubiquitous game engine technology

In a blog post today, Unreal Engine general manager Ray Davis revealed that Epic Games has released a roadmap for its Unreal Engine 4 technology on Trello.

"Our hope with being more transparent in our development processes is that we'll generate more value for developers working with UE4, both in understanding what's likely to appear in upcoming releases and also in having more context around how the engine is being built (and a little bit of the why)," Davis said.

While Epic is revealing which areas of the engine it's looking to improve on, nothing is set in stone. "While we intend for most items on the roadmap to end up surfacing as estimated, we want to make it clear that there is no guarantee of a feature being added to the engine even if it's currently listed," Davis said.

Not only is the roadmap potentially subject to change, but Epic actually would like developers to help steer any changes. The company is directly asking people to vote on what to improve.

"This is an experiment for us and as such it's important that we get your feedback on what we're doing - vote on features you're excited about, send us comments on things that seem confusing or unclear, and better yet let us know what you think should be on the roadmap that isn't already," Davis said.

This transparency marks a major change for Epic's Unreal Engine business, one that follows the company switching to a subscription business model that opens up access to the technology for just $19 per month.

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