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SuperAwesome launches Future8 Awards

Partners with The Guardian for competition aimed at young people

SuperAwesome has partnered with The Guardian to create The Future8 Awards, aimed at children aged between seven and 17 with an interest in digital content.

"There have never been more kids engaged with technology in a meaningful way. I'm not talking about simply playing games or watching videos but actually developing their own games and apps and creating their own online videos," said CEO of SuperAwesome Dylan Collins.

"We're looking at a generation who are vastly more technically literate and creative than any before them. We've created the Future 8 Awards to highlight just how much talent is there and where possible to match up the best with opportunities that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. These are the future Mark Zuckerbergs (Facebook), Patrick Collisons (Stripe) and Aaron Levies (Box) and we want to do everything possible to open up doors for their development. We're incredibly proud to be bringing this initiative to the UK and Ireland with our brand partners."

Submissions will open in May across eight categories:

  • Games
  • Maker (combined hardware and software)
  • Online video
  • Mobile development
  • Music
  • Writing and blogging
  • Web development
  • Animation

Prizes will include exclusive internships, product development experience and opportunities for work experience with top companies.

"There's a whole generation of children and young people that live and breathe digital creativity - and this is the talent that we want to find, rewards and promote," added Jemima Kiss, head of technology at The Guardian.

"For too long, digital skills have lacked support and recognition in education and the media, but the talent rewarded by Future 8 will reveal some of the UK's most promising digital creatives. They've been doing brilliant work in their bedrooms, building audiences online - sometimes in the hundreds of thousands. The Guardian is proud to be working with SuperAwesome to show the world what young UK talent can do."

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