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Developer asks GLAAD Awards to recognise games

Vagabond Dog's Justin Amirkhani wants games to be honoured for LGBT content

Justin Amirkhan, founder of Vagabond Dog, has asked LGBT media advocacy organization GLAAD to recognise games in its Media Awards. Amirkhan makes the request in the wake of the recent Tomodachi Life controversy.

"I'm saddened that when I went to your web site and looked at your extensive list of GLAAD Awards, I did not see a category for video games," he said in an open letter to GLAAD.

"Wouldn't it be great to honour and recognise outstanding examples in video games who strive for inclusion, rather than weigh in on this issue in a public manner for negative reasons instead of positive ones?"

While Amirkhan is pleased that GLAAD spoke out against Nintendo's decision not to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life, he wants it to go further and recognise those games that do offer these choices.

"If organizations outside of the video game industry like GLAAD were to recognize the achievements of progressive games the same way our own industry frequently does, the choice for inclusion would be easier for many developers," he said, citing his own title Always Sometimes Monsters, which is released this month.

"We are not the first to include these choices, there are countless other games that have gone unrecognised for their inclusion over the years. Games that have sold millions upon millions of copies."

GamesIndustry International has contacted GLAAD for its response.

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