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How to deal with discrimination and harassment | Podcast

Splash Damage's Cinzia Musio and Limit Break's Anisa Sanusi discuss how the industry can stop toxicity behind the scenes

This week's podcast is now live and it's a little different, as we delve deeper into an issue that continues to affect people across the games industry.

Splash Damage's Cinzia Musio and Limit Break founder Anisa Sanusi join us to discuss how to deal with discrimination and harassment, not just from a company point of view, but from the position of everyone in the industry.

We talk about how reporting processes can be improved, how leaders and managers can better support their staff, how low-level staff can speak up and stand against any misconduct they witness, and how victims can find the support they need - especially if they do not believe their employer will take their story seriously.

Content warning: While we do not discuss any specific examples of harassment or abuse, the general context of the conversation is one that may bring such experiences to mind. 

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We'll be publishing an article collating links to resources and support for those who are suffering from harassment and discrimination in the games industry. If you have any suggestions you would like to see added to it, email news@gamesindustry.biz.

There are already some useful links in the article for our previous podcast, in which we specifically discussed the situation at Activision Blizzard. Companies may also benefit from listening to our final jobscast about improving your recruitment processes in order to better diversify your workforce.

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