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Get a Job in Games month: The full guide to finding your place in the industry

Everything we published as part of the Academy event in one place

Throughout July, the Academy has devoted itself to careers in video games with a 'Get a Job in Games' month.

We've produced four podcasts, a dozen articles, relaunched the jobs board and even run an awards event, all around the subject of recruitment and working in the games industry. And we've seen readership of our Academy articles jump by almost 90% month-on-month as a result.

Our inaugural US Best Places To Work Awards rewarded 11 companies for their workplace culture and contributing to making the games industry a better place to work. You can rewatch the awards ceremony on our YouTube channel.

And for those of you who missed all our brand new Academy guides, here's a recap of everything we published during the month. Don't forget, if you're looking for a job in the games industry, you can discover hundreds of positions worldwide at

Looking for work

Games industry professionals give tips on how to "dive in" at networking events and make a great first impression.

Amiqus' Will Hudson gives a recruiter's perspective on how best to approach applying for a role.

Amiqus' Louise Wardale shares advice on how best to prepare for an interview

The Academy shares tips on how to overcome the first barriers between you and the job you want.

The games industry share their stories of job interview fails (and not-so-fails).

Games jobs guides

These articles are part of our series about how to get a job in the games industry.

The Academy explores what it takes to work as a voice actor in the games industry.

The Academy explores the many paths to working in video games production.

The Academy shares advices on how to land one of the most influential roles in games development.

The Academy explores the role and impact of a D&I officer.


The first podcast in our four-part series explores the hurdles developers and publishers must overcome to find the best new hires.

Educators discuss the routes from university into games development as part of our Get A Job In Games month.

The third episode in our four-part series explores how to make new hires feel welcome and enabled.

The final episode of our four-part series discusses how to improve your hiring process and appeal to a broader range of applicants.


Into Games' Sara Cristina Machado gives an introduction to the UK government's scheme for funding young talent.

We talk to Inno Games about how to successfully integrate new members into a remote working team

Unity's Movell Dash, Niantic's Trinidad Hermida, and PlayStation's Davina Mackey sat down with IGDA Foundation's Nika Nour to discuss ways to improve diversity in games

More Academy guides to Working in Games

Our guides to working in games cover various perspectives, from hiring to retention, to landing the job of your dream or creating the right company culture:

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