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Nexon to publish free-to-play Titanfall in Asia

EA has partnered with the free-to-play company to bring an online PC version to Asia

Respawn's Titanfall was one of the highlights of Xbox One's early life, ultimately reaching 8 million unique players by the end of 2014. The game likely would have fared even better on multiple consoles, and indeed Respawn has already confirmed that the game's sequel will be multiplatform. In the meantime, publisher EA is aiming to expand Titanfall's appeal across the globe, announcing a partnership tonight with free-to-play specialist Nexon to bring an online PC version to Asia.

"With its pilot vs. titan gameplay, among other innovations, Titanfall is a uniquely intense game experience. We look forward to working with the talented teams at Respawn and EA and leveraging Nexon's free-to-play expertise to deliver a new and engaging online game based on Titanfall to the Asian market," said Owen Mahoney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon.

This newest deal with EA is the third such publishing arrangement, building on the previous successful collaboration that brought FIFA Online 3 (currently the top online sports game in Korea) to Asia. It wasn't made immediately clear which territories are included in the deal or who is leading the redesign of Titanfall as it is adapted to free-to-play, but has contacted Nexon to inquire.

Update: In terms of development a spokesperson told us, "Nexon GT, one of our subsidiaries, is in charge of development but will be collaborating with Respawn Entertainment." The rep also clarified that Asia means Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).

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