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Epic names Big Data VR Challenge winner

LumaPie takes home $20,000 prize

LumaPie, a collaboration between creative studio Masters of Pie and 3D software development consultancy Lumacode, has been named the winner of the Big Data VR Challenge. The contest was hosted by Epic Games in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust.

"We thank all of the developers and researchers who dedicated their time and expertise to this competition," said Epic CEO Tim Sweeney.

"This combination of hard science with the type of 3D development normally seen in the video game world will hopefully inspire new ways for visualization of data to evolve as VR becomes a part of our everyday life."

LumaPie won with a "VR visualization of study results of environmental and genetic factors that have shaped the development the lives of more than 14,000 residents of the city of Bristol." Other entries included a comparison of fruit fly and human DNA and a way to interrogate genomics data through the use of head tracking.

"LumaPie has delivered an interactive simulation with tangible outputs that can be applied and adapted to other studies as well. The results of this challenge are what we were hoping for and so much more," added Iain Dodgeon from the Wellcome Trust.

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