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Gameloft's Q2 sales see 12% growth

"The advances made by the company in terms of monetization are progressively paying off"

French casual studio Gameloft has reported the its sales for the first half of 2015 reached €127.4 million, up 15 per cent year on year. Q2 2015 sales were €61.9 million, up 12 per cent year on year.

"Strong game service sales combined with the launch of nine new games have allowed Gameloft's revenues to grow by 15 per cent in the first six months of 2015. The advances made by the company in terms of monetization are progressively paying off," said CEO Michel Guillemot.

"We will strive to stay the course in the coming quarters by delivering high-quality and successful mobile games on a regular basis and by continuing to expand our existing games services."

The company only released limited highlights for the first half of the year, but they included that onthly active users averaged 163 million in Q2 2015, while daily active users averaged 19 million.

30 per cent of the companies sales for the first half of the year came from the EMEA territories, with North America account for 24 per cent.

"Gameloft has a massive audience, strong brands, solid recurring revenues, growth opportunities ahead and a healthy financial situation. We therefore continue to look to the future with confidence," added Guillemot.

The statement added that the company aims to release between eight and ten new titles by the end of 2015.

Earlier this month there were reports that Gameloft had closed its New York office, cutting around 100 jobs. The company refused to confirm or deny the numbers, but did release a statement to say it was "managing its production organization and is refocusing on its most efficient and experienced creation centers."

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