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Space Engineers dev launches AI spinoff

GoodAI backed with $10m in funding

Keen Software House now has a sister studio, GoodAI, that will focus on developing general artificial intelligence.

"GoodAI began back in January 2014 as a research project within Keen Software House. Alongside becoming an independent game developer, I always dreamed of leading a team that builds truly general artificial intelligence. About a year and a half ago, I invested $10M USD into what is now our GoodAI company," said CEO Marek Rosa.

"I am CEO of both GoodAI and Keen Software House. My role in GoodAI is to set and maintain our vision, driving both the research side and the business side of the company at the same time. I push the team to achieve our mission: develop general artificial intelligence, be helpful to humanity, and learn more about the universe."

Keen Software House is the studio behind Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers. Space Engineers sold over 1 million copies within its first year.

Rosa added that GoodAI had reached two important general artificial intelligence milestones so far, playing a Pong-like game and a Maze-like game, which means the "AI is capable of working with a delayed reward and that it is able to create a hierarchy of goals."

GoodAI has also created a visual tool called Brain Simulator, which it is making available to developers for free.

"By integrating Brain Simulator into Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers, players will have the option to design their own AI brains for the games and implement it, for example, as a peasant character," Rosa explained.

"This integration will make playing Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers more fun, and at the same time our AI technology will gain access to millions of new teachers and a new environment. This integration into our games will be done by GoodAI developers. We are giving AI to players, and we are bringing players to our AI researchers."

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