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Gamer Network and Gfinity bring eSports to EGX London

"Everyone who visits EGX can game like a pro and talk to us about getting into eSports"

Gamer Network and Gfinity have teamed up to bring eSports to EGX London 2014 with mini-tournaments and the chance to meet pro-gamers.

"We were impressed by the energy and enthusiasm that Gfinity bring to eSports," said Gamer Events MD David Lilley.

"We're excited by the prospect of working with them to provide a fantastic competitive gaming experience to our audience."

Gfinity will host a FIFA 15 tournament featuring 4 of the UK's biggest FIFA YouTubers and League of Legends can compete for prizes in their own special event.

"We are going to provide some exciting and entertaining competition with the gaming community - everyone who visits EGX can come to our stand, game like a pro and talk to us about getting into eSports," added Gfinity's Martin Wyatt.

"We are excited to be a partner of this great event and look forward to helping others get involved."

EGX London is Gamer Network's biggest event attracting around 80,000 to London's Earls Court. This year's event takes place September 25-28.

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