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Codemasters offers refunds for PC port of mobile Colin McRae

Fans upset by game which they thought was HD version of classic racer

Codemasters is offering customers who bought its recent Colin McRae Racing game on Steam a full refund after they expressed anger at what they felt was a misleading description of the game.

Listed simply as Colin McRae Rally, the game's description initially failed to mention that it was a port of a recent mobile version, rather than the PlayStation-era classic. Whilst there was nothing to explicitly indicate that the game was an HD reboot of the original, there was nothing to suggest directly that it wasn't, either, but enough customers made that inference to force Codemasters to clarify.

"At Codemasters, we care about our customers and pride ourselves on listening to our community," reads a post from Codemasters on Steam.

"We understand that some people who bought Colin McRae Rally on Steam are upset and feel that it isn't the game they thought it would be. We have now updated the product description for clarification.

"Furthermore, as an act of good faith, we have worked with Valve to enable anyone that bought the game to claim a refund. The ability to refund will be available until the 19th August.

"To process a refund, please go to your account transactions page and you will see a 'Refund' button for Colin McRae Rally. We hope this goes some way to restoring any lost faith and thank you as always, for your continued support."

Customers have until August 19 to obtain their refunds.

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