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Seasons Greetings from GamesIndustry International

Site will update on Dec 27-28, and we'll be back in full force on Jan 2

Well, that's 2012 almost wrapped up. So this is me, saying thanks for reading and supporting the site this year. By the time you read this I'll be in the pub.

This was the year we merged two sites together, redesigned and relaunched as GamesIndustry International - and welcomed new staff along the way. Quite frankly, we're all a bit knackered.

The team is mainly on holiday now until January 2, although there will be some sporadic updates, especially if that rumour about Sony buying Nintendo comes true in the next couple of days. We'll also be publishing two features a day on January 27 and 28, if you'd like to check in and join us for some more reflections on the year.

On behalf of myself, Rachel Weber, Dan Pearson, Matthew Handrahan and James Grant in the UK, Chris Buckley and Brendan Sinclair in Canada, Mike Williams, James Brightman, Steve Peterson and John Benymine in the US and Christoph Holowaty in Germany, I'd like to say have a smashing holiday and positive New Year.

See you in 2013!

Thanks to Rachel's dog, Batman, for posing.

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