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Windows 8 passes Mac OS X on Steam survey

The slow adoption of Microsoft's new OS still puts it ahead of its competitor

Microsoft's Windows 8 has more users on Steam than Apple's Mac OS X, according to the most recent Steam Hardware & Software Survey. 4.69 percent of Steam users have upgraded to a version of Windows 8, versus 3.26 percent of users who have a version of OS X. Both operating systems fall far behind Microsoft's Windows 7, which has a combined share of 72.56 percent. Even Microsoft's older operating systems are ahead; Windows Vista commands a 8.07 percent share and Windows XP has a 10.83 percent share.

The current breakdown in operating systems.

The adoption of Windows 8 has been “well below Microsoft's internal projections”, according to Windows guru Paul Thurott.

“Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft's internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing. But here's the catch: The software giant blames the slow start on lackluster PC maker designs and availability, further justifying its new Surface strategy. One of my most trusted sources at Microsoft confirmed Windows 8's weak start this week,” wrote Thurrott in November.

The Steam survey also shows that Nvidia continues to run away with the GPU market on Steam. 66.72 percent of users use an Nvidia GPU, with AMD in second place at 26.51 percent. AMD has had a tough time against its longtime rival, posting a net loss of $157 million in Q3 2012. The company also lost its chief financial officer, Thomas Seifert, this September.

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