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BAFTA Games Question Time: Art Versus Entertainment

Video: Ross and Jacobson tackle games as art; Tom Stone tells Jedward to "go to bed"

At a sell-out event in London last week, BAFTA and GamesIndustry International held Games Questions Time, a public forum aimed at shedding light on the continued success of the video games industry.

Presented by Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson, the panel consisted of broadcaster Jonathan Ross, Torsten Reil of CSR Racing publisher Natural Motion, Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson and Lego Star Wars publisher TT Games' Tom Stone.

In the third short video of the event published today, Ross and Jacobson touch on the games as art debate, ask what's the gaming equivalent of The Hurt Locker and field a question from X-Factor clowns Jedward.

More videos from the BAFTA Guru series can be viewed here.

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