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Crytek CEO: THQ trouble "unsettling"

And why Homefront 2 partnership is vital for both studios

A new interview with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has tackled the tricky topic of Crytek's relationship with THQ, forged when Crytek took over development of the Homefront sequel. In it Yerli recognised that the game could be critical to the future health of the publisher.

"Obviously, it's an unsettling experience at times when you read this news [about trouble at THQ]," he told RockPaperShotgun

"I mean, we've constantly had a great relationship and communication with THQ's top management. What's more unsettling isn't when we read the news - because we kind of already know these things before the public - but when some of the team members don't know the details, and they get concerned. And then the fanbase gets that way as well. When the fanbase of Homefront or Crytek gets worried, we need to fix that."

"What's unsettling isn't when we read the news, but when some of the team members don't know the details, and they get concerned"

Earlier this year Yerli claimed the studio was working on Homefront in an "isolated" way, and that THQ's financial dramas would have little impact on the game. 6 months on he seemed less certain.

"We'll see how it turns out. We know how our relationship is, but we don't know what's happening to fix THQ's financial problems," he continued to RPS.

"That's THQ's prerogative. But we have hopes that THQ is going to turn around, and Homefront 2 is a very big part of that turnaround. I would say it's probably the most important project, actually. I would say it's the IP that's most relevant along with Saints Row. Those two are pretty much THQ's flagship."

Homefront 2 isn't expected until FY 2014.

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