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THQ bosses spend big on their own Humble Bundle

Rubin and Farrell both chip in, THQ stock rises 40 per cent

It seems one of the biggest supporters of the Humble THQ Bundle is the company's CEO Brian Farrell, who paid $1650 for the collection of titles.

He is closely followed by World of Tanks developer, which has paid $1600, and Jason Rubin, THQ's president, has also helped out, paying $1050 for the collection of games.

Contributors can choose to pay anything for $1 for the collection of six games (seven if they pay over $6) and can choose to split their contribution between THQ, charities the American Red Cross and Child's Play, and Humble Bundle, Inc.

"My donation was 100 per cent charity," tweeted Rubin. "That should not be interpreted as a recommendation to others on their split."

RAD Game Tools, localisation company LocDirect and various employees of middleware company Havok have also all contributed $1050 to the bundle's total. The biggest spender is a mysterious contributor, McJohn, who has paid $1650.01 to secure his place at the top of the leaderboard.

The Humble Bundle seems to have been a good move for the troubled publisher, its stock rose by 37.96 per cent on release day to over $1.60 a share. By close of the market on Friday it was back down to $1.45 a share, but that's still an improvement on the pre-bundle price of $1.07 on November 28.

There are nine days left to purchase the bundle, which at the time of writing has sold 576117 copies and made over $3 million. The average purchase price is currently $5.64.

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