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War Z exec producer apologizes for “arrogant” response to issues

Titov tackles the problems with The War Z in an open letter

In an open letter on the official The War Z forums, executive producer Sergey Titov apologized for his “arrogant” responses to issues surrounding the game.

“I need to admit that we failed to effectively communicate some of our plans and actions to both our existing players and to our new prospective players. This failure to communicate resulted in some very negative feedback from some members of our community, but while it might be easy to label them as “haters” or some other dismissive term, in all honesty this is my fault. I became arrogant and blinded by the early success and quick growth of The War Z, our increasing number of players, numbers we were getting from surveys, etc., and I chose not to notice the concerns and questions raised by these members of the game community as well as others,” wrote Titov.

“This failure is entirely on my shoulders and if anything I owe thanks to that vocal minority and admit that I should have paid attention sooner. At the end my arrogance led us to the moment, when all those small things finally caught up and created a “perfect storm” that affected all of our community members. For that I'm truly sorry and apologize to all of our community as well as the larger PC gaming community that is not yet playing The War Z.”

Titov's letter outlines planned fixes for community management and moderation, with an expanded community management team and additional forum moderators. He also explained that Hammerpoint Interactive will be taking “a more prominent role in publishing/game operating process” with new hires experienced in operating online games.

The game's continued delisting on Steam and the suspension of The War Z trademark were not mentioned in the open letter. The full open letter can be found here.

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