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THQ Humble Bundle raises $5 million

With a little help from president Rubin's $11,050

The THQ Humble has closed, but managed to raise a respectable $5,097,473 before hitting its deadline. That's from 885,287 purchases, with the average buyer contributing $5.76.

Of course THQ president Jason Rubin didn't spend $5.76, but an ostentatious $11,050 in two payments, one of $1,050 in the early days of the bundle, followed by a later $10,000, putting him at the top of the contributor leaderboard.

Contributors could decide what percentage of money went to charities Child's Play and the American Red Cross and what went to THQ and Humble Bundle. Rubin clarified on Twitter that his split for the second payment had been "95 per cent charity, 5 per cent HumbleBundle."

"I gave $9500 to Charity and $500 for Humble Bundle. I figured HB deserved thanks for giving us the opportunity."

Rubin wasn't the only THQ boss who decided to chip in, CEO Brian Farrell paid $1650 for the six games (nine for those who paid above the average price) which included Metro 2033, Company Of Heroes and Darksiders.

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