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Dragon Quest: 10 Things You Might Want to Know From The Author Of The Official Guide

Tuesday, April 11th 2006/... Dragon Quest - the long running RPG series boasts cumulative sales of 40 million units in Japan and the US to date. The Journey of the Cursed King is the first Dragon Quest instalment to be released in Europe, hitting Sony's PlayStation 2 in just two days time. The author of Piggyback's Complete Official Guide has opened the treasure chest to give us a glimpse on how to succeed in dispelling the dastardly curse and getting the most fun out of this epic game.

Klaus-Dieter Hartwig gained first hand support from the development team at Square Enix over a seven-month period. The resulting 238-page guide, which will be published in the UK for £12.99, comprehensively lays bare every facet of this epic game. A true first in the industry, this guide features two secrets chapters; Secrets and Top Secrets. The latter is an exclusive-to-Piggyback sealed section that documents all post-game hidden features, ensuring 100% game coverage with absolutely no spoilers.

In celebration of the launch of this tightly written, beautifully produced publication, Klaus-Dieter Hartwig and Piggyback have picked a small sample of useful tips to shine some light on this epic game.

[Tip 01]

Yggdrasil leaves, Yggdrasil dew and the resulting elfin elixir are extremely useful when they are mixed together. You can use the following trick to get an extra leaf. Start a mix. When the leaf is in the Alchemy pot, then buy another leaf and stop the mix. Refer to the Piggyback guide to read all pages on the Alchemy pot menu and the Alchemy Recipe Book.

[Tip 02]

You can dominate the Monster Arena by merging the three golem monsters to create Mazin. Mazin has high Attack and Defence values and also cuts quite a figure outside of the arena. Further details are available in the Secrets chapter of the Piggyback guide.

[Tip 03]

If you manage to find 110 mini medals you can claim the Flail of destruction from the Princess. The official guide tells you where to find each and every mini medal.

[Tip 04]

You should definitely treat yourself to a Boomerang in Farebury. Although not exactly a bargain at 420 gold coins, it is worth its weight in small change as it hits every enemy you attack. The Official Guide outlines how to acquire the necessary funds to purchase this and all other weapons.

[Tip 05]

A bird will approach you when you get to the northwest of the Island of the Lord High Priest. On examining your new friend you will obtain a seed of life, which will give your character permanently increased LP.

[Tip 06]

The first time you use the Alchemy Pot will be to produce the item that you found a recipe for in Farebury church, namely the Thief's key. For this you will need the Iron nail and the Bronze knife. The Official Guide tells you where to find these and all other items.

[Tip 7]

An interesting strategy for Yangus is to allocate the first 10 points of Humanity (for Heal). Then learn Axes up to 66 points (for Executioner). Once you hit this milestone and depending on your personal preferences, you can either switch to Scythes or stick with Axes until you reach maximum points. All characters to Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King are covered in the complete guide from Piggyback.

[Tip 8]

Once a character has used psyche up or attacked in a state of high tension at least 90 times, you can achieve a value of 100 ("Super high tension")

[Tip 9]

A character's position in the party's line-up affects how frequently they are attacked. There is no difference between the first two positions, but the fourth position is the safest place to be. As the weakest character, Jessica is safest in fourth place.

[Tip 10]

A simple starting tip to the game is to keep to the path to begin with. There are two reasons for this: it's easier to get your bearings in your new environment and secondly, you are likely to meet more dangerous monsters when you stray from the beaten track.

+++ Note to Editors +++

These Top 10 Tips are for general use and can be reprinted, provided the text is credited as from the Dagon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King Official Guide

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