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New Breakout-style Game to Make You Jump Out of Your Socks!

April 11, 2006

Gamerty Games is proud to announce today the release of version 1.0 of Mega Bounce. If you enjoyed playing Breakout, then chances are you will love Mega Bounce, because it offers the same riveting gameplay with a handful of new additions. Designed for both PC and Pocket PC platforms, Mega Bounce will make a good companion to anyone, who wants to while away time when on the move or play for relaxation during a coffee break in the office or after a hard working day. The game has no age restrictions and fun to play for adults and children alike.

Mega Bounce gives you many new additions that spice up familiar gameplay. Thanks to an ability to aim, you can better control the ball trajectory and, of course, this results in more smashed blocks and a better score. Much has been done to make Mega Bounce visually appealing to gamers. You will enjoy three themes with wonderful backgrounds that represent space and underwater environments. Instead of classic bricks, you will smash original non-rectangular blocks that vary in shape and design. As you go through the game, you can collect over 20 power-ups, both classic and innovative, that add variety to the gameplay. With over 100 game levels to go and 3 difficulty levels, Mega Bounce is a candy for weeks to enjoy.

"In making Mega Bounce, we tried to breathe a new life to the gameplay, which is loved by millions," says Mikhail Bogdanov, game developer at Gamerty Games. "Unlike other breakout games, Mega Bounce has a fast-paced, dynamic gameplay. There is no life counter, so you can play at high speed without the risk of losing soon. Besides, we have included new power-ups, such as multi-ball, spy, move block, key and ball-generator, that all add to the game's replayability. What's more there's no need to kill a few last bricks to move on to the next level. And there is no frustrating "Game Over" ending that makes you start the game all over again."

Mega Bounce Pricing and Availability

Mega Bounce 1.0 is designed for both PCs and Pocket PCs and requires Windows 98/Me/2000/XP or Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE. Licensed customers are entitled to the unlimited play time, access to all 100 levels, all power-ups, and weapons, as well as technical support and special offers for future versions and products. Additional information on Mega Bounce, as well as its evaluation version is available from

NOTE TO EDITORS: A free registration key for review purposes is available upon request. Please, contact Mikhail Bogdanov at for more information or to request a registration key

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