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Atari's HOT PXL Delivers Street Smart Micro-Game Anarchy to the Hands of PlayStation® Portable Gamers

LYON, FRANCE - 26 April 2006 - Atari today announced the forthcoming release of HOT PXL, the ingenious and hip new title for Sony PSP (PlayStation® Portable) scheduled for European release Christmas 2006. Bringing fast and furious bite-size gaming to PSP for the first time, HOT PXL comprises 200 deviously crafted micro-games based on a quirky and original story premise and drawing inspiration from street culture and the digital lifestyle.

In HOT PXL the player is charged with guiding the central character, a half-skater, half-nerd named Djon, through a typical day in his pixellated digital world. The world of HOT PXL features fast paced and varied micro-games ranging from the eccentrically outrageous, through to the subtle and cool, dipping into Atari's rich video game history for inspiration along the way.

The rapid fire gameplay requires players to draw on their reflexes and 2D gaming prowess to get through hundreds of inspired scenarios - whether it's blasting through an old-school style video game, busting tricks on a skateboard or a BMX, stage-diving at a pixellated concert, or just trying to cross a busy digital street.

HOT PXL will take full advantage of PSP's unique capabilities, including the ability to download new content through an online interface, ensuring gamers receive the most evolutionary and fresh gaming experience on the scene. HOT PXL is scheduled for release on PSP Christmas 2006.


About Infogrames Entertainment and Atari

Infogrames Entertainment (IESA), the parent company of the Atari Group, is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (ISIN code: FR-0000052573) and has two principal subsidiaries: Atari Europe, a privately-held company, and Atari, Inc., a United States corporation listed on NASDAQ (ATAR).
The Atari Group is a major international producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and in all existing game formats (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and on CD-ROM for PC. Its games are sold in more than 60 countries.
The Atari Group's extensive catalogue of popular games is based on original franchises (Driver, Alone in the Dark, V-Rally, Test Drive, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.) and international licenses (Matrix, Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.).
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About the developer: zSlide

zSlide, a French software company based in Paris, creates new online experiences, collaborating with international publishers of interactive entertainment, media groups and international telcos.
zSlide's technical expertise is in video games as well as P2P technology, digital media distribution and content synchronization on next generations consoles, portable media players & 3G phones.
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