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Double Fusion First In-Game Technology Provider To Support Flash Video & Audio For In-Game Ads

In-Game Technology Leader Expands Creative Palette for Publishers and Advertisers With Support for the Internet's Preferred Video and Audio Formats

SAN FRANCISCO-April 12, 2006-In-game advertising technology leader Double Fusion has introduced full support for Flash video with synchronized audio to its software toolkit, allowing game publishers to offer advertisers the opportunity to run video advertisements in games using the video format most prevalent on the Internet. The company is first to support Flash video and audio in-game ads, advancing its chief position in offering advertisers the most creative formats for their in-game advertising campaigns.

Double Fusion's richer technology increases the amount of options while reducing obstacles and costs for both advertisers looking to enter the in-game environment and for the developers and publishers of games hosting advertising opportunities. In addition to advertisers being able to use the same video format that they already produce for the Web, the new technology also provides for standalone Flash audio ads, allowing advertisers to leverage their recognizable audio elements and sound cues within games even without a visual component.

The support of Flash video with synchronized audio means that game companies are no longer bound to costly format conversions or licenses to specific third-party technologies in order to deploy high-value video advertising opportunities in
their games. Video advertising yields, on average, two to three times the ad rates of static graphic ad formats. Publishers and developers can now choose to increase their advertising revenues or to achieve the same revenues with fewer placements by enabling these higher-value ads.

"Double Fusion's technology leadership enables the creative potential of the in-game medium, which in turn increases the revenue opportunities for each and every game publisher and developer," said Elie Wurtman, chairman and CEO. "Our advertising customers and their agencies asked for support for their preferred video format, and alone of the companies in the field we were able to deliver."

As a technology innovator, Double Fusion was the first to incorporate branded 3D objects within games. The company prides itself on having a technology platform that is both robust and easy to integrate; the Double Fusion in-game tools have
minimal impact on the development teams building the games while delivering greater functionality to the advertisers. Double Fusion's newly enhanced in-game advertising offering is part of the standard suite of tools provided at no cost to all qualified
developers and publishers of games and 3D environments. Double Fusion's lineup of publisher partners includes close to a dozen worldwide, including Midway, THQ and leading publishers in the Asian market.

About Double Fusion
Founded in 2004, Double Fusion has developed a world-class system for brand and product integration in PC games, video games, and online games, with the purpose of allowing game publishers to increase their per-title revenues through dynamic branding opportunities. Double Fusion works directly with advertisers, developers, and content owners to ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns are successfully integrated into each individual project. This unique level of personal attention to each game and campaign is a differentiating factor in the marketplace that gives Double Fusion an advantage with developers, publishers, and advertisers. As a technology innovator, Double Fusion was the first to incorporate branded 3D objects as well as streaming video within games.


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