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Impossible s.r.o. to release GOLD versions of its real-time strategy games: YERS and Lords of Chaos

It is a well known fact that of all video game genres, three are most popular among the gamers - action first or third-person shooters, racing games and real time strategy games. While the first two mentioned genres have already found their way to mobiles, real time strategy gaming is somehow struggling.
Of course there could be examples of games that have done quite well with the best example being the Townsmen series. But where are games like Dune 2, Warcraft or Command and Conquer and other well known RTS games.

There have been demands made and excuses given instead of an answer: "The mobile controls are not suitable for a RTS!"

As we know today, this is a false statement and it´s only about how clever a solution a development company is able to provide. It is most positive that some mobile developers have accepted the challenge and decided to put up a fight to deliver some stunning mobile RTS to our handies.

Impossible s.r.o. Really caught a bull by the horns by developing not one but two mobile RTSs. While these games are quite good and could provide guidelines as to how a mobile RTS should be done, the company has somehow failed to promote them as well as their quality would deserve. Thus the games have fared pretty well back in the Czech Republic where Impossible is based, but gained little attention on world-wide markets.

However, times, they are a-changing and developers at Impossible must have realized this, as they have announced GOLD versions of both - sci-fi themed YERS and fantasy set Lords of Chaos. The release is scheduled MayJune 2006

So no matter if you are a gamer or a distributor, you should keep your spotlight centered on these sound titles. For they may as well present a milestone in mobile RTS gaming.

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