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Ozura's Beauty Queen is the First and Largest Mobile Game Tournament in the World

Kuala Lumpur, 29 April 2006
- Ozura Mobile, a leading global publisher and developer of mobile entertainment has launched the first ever 'live' mobile game tournament in the world on March 24 - Beauty Queen featuring Miss Malaysia/World 2004.

"Beauty Queen has surpassed market analysts' expectations and it has received unexpectedly high reviews and ratings from gamers. Ozura's mobile games have attracted numerous foreign interests due to the highly publicized Beauty Queen," said Lion Peh, CEO of Ozura.

According to the Star online, there are more than 14.6 million mobile subscribers in Malaysia and mobile subscribers accounted for more than half of the Malaysian population of 25 million. Malaysia's mobile phone sector has recorded a staggering 31% increase in new subscribers in the past year despite market perception that the mobile industry is close to saturation. This demonstrates that the Malaysian mobile entertainment market is poised to experience unprecedented growth in the next 12 months. Ozura Mobile is expected to capture 80% of the mobile entertainment market in Malaysia and Ozura is now expanding its mobile gaming sector internationally. "We expect to capture more than 11% of the world's mobile gaming market by the year 2007," stated Lion Peh.

According to a report from IDC, wireless gaming is on track to become the single largest wireless data application category from a revenue perspective, overtaking ring tones in 2005 and is expected to surpass USD 1.5 billion annually by 2008. Ozura is currently negotiating with various foreign mobile operators to promote its latest mobile game - Beauty Queen. Ozura Mobile is expected to achieve revenue of more than USD 10 million by December 2006.

Beauty Queen is a premium mobile game created specially to cater for both genders, male and female. Beauty Queen or BQ is a mobile game tournament conducted over a period of 7 months and it consists of a series of three games- BQ Workout, BQ Cat Walk and BQ Charity. BQ Workout is the first of the Beauty Queen tournament games that was launched and it is current the most sought after game in the market. BQ Workout promotes health consciousness to the public by encouraging the players to exercise and participate in sporting activities to maintain a healthy and desirable physique. Players are sure to experience the sheer gaming pleasure due to its exciting game play.

Gamers can download the game by typing "ON BQA" and message it to 39355 or visit for more information. Download Beauty Queen now and win a dinner with Miss Malaysia/World 2004, the lovely Miss Gloria Ting!

About Ozura Mobile

Ozura Mobile is one of the leading international developers and publishers of mobile games and games platform. Ozura's games are currently available in more than 130 countries and its coverage is expected to grow exponentially in the future. Visit for more news and information.

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