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Play Ten Interactive to Showcase New Titles at E3

Moscow-Based Developer and Publisher Becoming a Global Player Within Industry

MOSCOW - (April 27, 2006) -- Play Ten Interactive (PTI), a developer and publisher of award winning computer game titles, announced today that it will be showcasing several new products at the upcoming E3 show in Los Angeles including The Precursors, Battle for Atlantis, The Wall and White Gold: War in Paradise.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the world's premiere trade event exclusively dedicated to showcasing interactive entertainment and educational software and related products. E3 2006 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 10 - 12, 2006. Conferences are held May 9 - 11 and the show floor is open May 10 - 12.

"We look forward to attending E3 and have an excellent line-up of AAA products for this year's show," said Dmitri Kruglov, CEO of Play Ten Interactive. "We continue to work with the finest developers around the world to create unique computer games of the highest quality standards. Our main task for now is to switch to producing next-gen products quickly. We'll show that we've managed to do that in LA."

Play Ten Interactive's E3 titles will include:

The Precursors
A RPG/FPS with space simulation elements, The Precursors explores the speculations of modern-day scientists and writers that other civilizations were able to discover the space flight way before the Human race launched it's first rockets. Offering a perfect mix of stylish game play, cutting-edge 3D graphics, open-ended world of cosmic proportions and elaborate sci-fi setting, The Precursors are poised to set another benchmark in the genre. Platform: PC CD/DVD-Rom, Xbox360, Release date: Q3 2007, Game Languages: English/German/French/Spanish/Italian, Developer: Deep Shadows (creators of Boiling Point).

Battle for Atlantis (working title)

A fantasy RTS, Battle for Atlantis features advanced and unique water technologies and special effects through waves, tsunamis, waterfalls and river flows. From the developers of Ancient Wars: Sparta, action in Battle for Atlantis moves players between seabed environments and dry land creating an immersive game play experience. Platform: PC CD/DVD-Rom, Release date: Q3 2007, Game Languages: English/German/French/Spanish/Italian, Developer: WorldForge

The Wall
A modern/cyberpunk FPS, The Wall places players in a futuristic world dominated by three powerful factions. A catastrophe occurred almost 300 years ago and the Earth as we know it today no longer exists. With more than 20 levels and 15 geographic locations, players begin the game as a member of a small resistance cell and must fight against the battling factions to ensure a needed peace. Platform: PC CD/DVD-Rom, PlayStation 3, Release date: Q1 2008, Game Languages: English/German/French/Spanish/Italian, Developer: Burut CT (creators of UberSoldier)

White Gold: War in Paradise

A modern FPS/RPG, White Gold: War in Paradise explores the shadowy background of modern low intensity conflicts. Based in the Caribbean basin, players find themselves on an island aflame with revolt. A unique mix of an action shooter and RPG, White Gold: War in Paradise provides a rich game play environment with non-stop action. Platform: PC CD/DVD-Rom, Release date: Q4 2007, Game Languages: English/German/French/Spanish/Italian, Developer: Deep Shadows

Play Ten Interactive will have meeting rooms at E3 and will be positioned at stand #7121 in Kentia Hall. To set up an appointment to meet with Play Ten Interactive during the show, please contact the PR service of Play Ten Interactive at press@playten.com or 7 (495) 401-37-55. During the show, Play Ten representatives can be reached at 213-743-6202.

About Play Ten Interactive
Play Ten Interactive (PTI) is an independent publisher and developer of interactive entertainment software for personal computers. Company was founded in 2005 by a group of professionals and is headquartered in Russia, Moscow. PTI publishing covers everything from localization, continuous PR and smart marketing campaigns, through to designing the packaging and producing the CD-ROMs. All of PTI's projects are realized in close co-operation with the affiliated development, localization, marketing and distribution companies. For more information, please visit www.playten.com.

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