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Konami gets greedy for 3D

Trio of puzzlers announced for US market

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced the release of a trio of new 3D mobile phone games, which will debut across several major carriers and mobile portals throughout North America.

First up is the curiously titled Balz 3D, which challenges players to constantly keep a ball rolling, manoeuvring through traps, past enemies and around perilous ledges whilst trying to avoid falling over the edge and attempting to make it to the goal against the clock. Net ranking and new course downloads for the title will be also be available.

Push It! is an isometric 3D puzzle game that tasks gamers with clearing a path to the goal my manipulating blocks and pushing boxes into spaces on the level. Sounds simple enough, but when you add a rapidly increasing difficulty curve, a host of vicious enemies, various obstacles, a lack of boxes, and icy pathways into the mix, it's never as straightforward as it might first appear. With a distinct level of cuteness thrown in to the mix, Push It! offers bright visuals, catchy tunes and a main character whose fashionable attire is expanded and altered with the completion of each fiendish level.

Finally, Konami is releasing Cubic, a curious merging of the ancient Japanese strategy game, Go, and the infamous icon of the 1980's, the Rubik's Cube. Played over all sides of a 3D polygon cube, players must reverse their opponent's coloured squares by sandwiching them in vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The player with the most pieces of their colour wins the game.

All three titles will be available throughout North America, and further information on the games, and their availability can be found by visiting the mobile section of Konami's website.

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