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Family-friendly videogames publisher confirms details of 'Quest' series

Northants, UK. 5th April 2006 - Hot on the heals of last month's launch of Quest for Sleeping Beauty from Liquid Games, family and lifestyle games developer Broadsword have undertaken three further quests for PS2 and PC. Following legendary tales from Europe and beyond, these titles will guarantee players young and old a series of epic adventures with a PEGI 3+ rating, for Q3 2006.

The stories of Robin Hood, Aladdin, the Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty have been told and retold through countless books and movies, and are now being recreated in the most popular video games formats for family audiences.

Fantastical adventures are always favourites amongst players, young and old, and "Quest for Sleeping Beauty" provided a perfectly family-friendly treatment of this popular genre. Now the series continues, providing all of the excitement and challenge that players desire, but without the bloody violence and death that can sometimes characterize this genre. Simple, compelling gameplay and family-friendly action make this a perfect game for children of all ages, and, as with the whole Liquid range, it is excellent value - at the pocket-friendly price of just 9.99.

"Games aren't just for the hardcore," explained Liquid Games' Kevin Hassall, "and the Quest series is further proof of Liquid's commitment to providing the growing market of mainstream gamers with quality entertainment designed with their needs in mind. It's key to Liquid that the subjects and concepts are well understood by mainstream consumers, of course, but it's equally important that the games provide co-operative multiplayer options, variable difficulty levels and strong replay value, without violence, swearing or alienating content."

Liquid Games promise mainstream consumers family-friendly treatments of recognisable subjects that provide a great evening in for all members of the family. These three fresh Quest titles perfectly fit the profile.

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About Liquid Games

Liquid Games creates and publishes safe, inclusive, family-friendly PC and video games ranging from quiz to sports, racing to adventure and kids games. With an emphasis on co-operative and multi-player games, without violence or bad language, The Company aims to provide entertainment for all the family at a price that works for everyone. Liquid Games are currently the fastest growing budget label in the UK.

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