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JavArt launches Office Survivors - The Revenge of the Boss

"Kill your stress, not your boss."

Sicily-based mobile games developer JavArt has announced the release of Office Survivors, a satirical office-based platformer for everyone who's ever had the misfortune of being at the receiving end of an employer's wrath.

Set amidst the chaos of a modern office, players step into the role of a weary employee who has been designated an impossible task by the executive management, the failure of which will result in instant dismissal from the job.

Moving through the busy corridors, gamers will need to avoid angry middle-management, unstoppable manic delivery boys, lethal vending machines, crazed computer hardware and fierce fire extinguishers.

Tasked with finding a range of essential documents pertaining to mission F1R3D, players must gather information and delegate as much work as possible before the big meeting with the boss, if a sacking is to be averted.

Available this month for a large range of Java-enabled handsets, Office Survivors is the latest in JavArt's growing portfolio of mobile games designed, created and developed in-house. The company creates its titles to be compatible with a broad selection of wireless devices, working on Java, BREW, I-Mode, Flash and Symbian games and applications. JavArt products are distributed globally through partnerships with major mobile operators.

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