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Two Tribes Announces Monkeyball Minigolf, Golf Pro Contest 2 and Bonk's Return

HARDERWIJK, The Netherlands, April 24th 2006

Two Tribes, the Dutch game developer behind Worms World Party for the Nokia N-Gage and Capcom's Toki Tori, is very pleased to announce that it is currently working with SEGA Mobile, Blaze and Hudson Entertainment on the creation of three brand new mobile titles: Monkeyball Minigolf, Golf Pro Contest 2 and Bonk's Return. These games will be available during the course of 2006 for a wide range of mobile phones.


Developed for Sega Mobile in cooperation with Paragon5, Monkeyball Minigolf is the first mobile Monkeyball title to offer a new experience not yet seen on Sega's console version of Super Monkeyball.

Players are challenged to complete an 18 hole course, gathering as many bananas as possible in the least amount of shots. Monkeyball Minigolf is filled to the brim with elements from the Monkeyball universe. So expect bananas, speedups, warps and some seriously devious hole design.

More information about Monkeyball Minigolf can be found at:


Developed for Blaze, Golf Pro Contest 2 provides players with a great game of golf on the go. Striking a perfect balance between playability and realism, Golf Pro Contest 2 makes the most of the latest mobile Java and mophunTM 3D technology by presenting a convincing three-dimensional golf environment. Adding a video-captured golf player, 3D trees and different terrain types to the mix makes Golf Pro Contest 2 one of the most eye-pleasing golf games for mobile phones currently available.

To top it all off Golf Pro Contest 2 also allows customers of the 3 network in the UK to compete against each other from anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Golf Pro Contest 2 is available for a wide variety of Java and mophunTM enabled mobile phones, and can be downloaded from selected carriers.

mophun is a registered trademark of Synergenix Interactive AB.

More information about Golf Pro Contest 2 can be found at:


Developed for Hudson Entertainment, Bonk's Return marks the first appearance of Bonk on mobile phones. The original Bonk's Adventure serves as the foundation on which we have built Bonk's Return. And while the game features a new look and new content, it will still feel familiar to players of the original game.

The controls have been adapted to the needs of mobile phone users, ensuring the smoothest mobile Bonk experience possible. Players will be able to pull off flying headbutts, juggle enemies in mid-air and headbutt volcanic rocks just like they were used to in the Turbografx original.

More information about Bonk's Return can be found at:


Two Tribes is a privately owned company focusing on the development of games for portable devices. Since 2000, Two Tribes has been operating from their offices in the center of the Netherlands.

Two Tribes has been working on a wide range of games for handheld devices. With development experience on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nokia N-Gage, PocketPC and countless mobile phones, Two Tribes possesses a wide knowledge of portable platforms. Two Tribes has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the video game industry, including Capcom, Nokia, THQ Wireless and Team17.

More details on past and current projects are available at:

Contact Info:

Two Tribes
Marie Curiestraat 53
3846 BW Harderwijk
The Netherlands
t: +31 (0)341 423 305
f: +31 (0)341 452 696

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