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In2Games' award-winning Real World Golf hits US shelves

LONDON, April 11th 2006: In2Games announces the US release of its hit game, Gametrak: Real World Golf, for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Distributed exclusively in North America by Mad Catz, the worldwide leader in innovative peripherals, Real World Golf and the Gametrak motion capture system will be available from major US retailers from today.

"A US release of this scale represents a major milestone for us," commented Elliott Myers, Managing Director of In2Games. "To date, we have sold in excess of 300,000 units of the Gametrak controller, and we believe US players are every bit as excited about innovative software and hardware as their European counterparts."

The Gametrak controller is the centrepiece of this new technology which precisely tracks the player's movements and translates them to an in-game character of their choice. Real World Golf lets them actually swing the golf club to hit the in-game ball as the controller captures their swing in real time. The controller is so realistic that a golfer can actually draw, hook, slice, or put backspin on the ball. Game features include ten beautiful 18-hole golf courses, customisable player profiles, skill levels from novice to pro, tournament mode, championship mode, and a training mode with a in-game golf pro. It also contains multiple mini-games such as smashing a ball through the windows of the clubhouse, hitting a golf ball at a giant dartboard, and target practice on a driving range.

The only controller of its kind, Gametrak operates using two gloves attached to the Gametrak to capture hand, wrist, and arm movements in detail. With incredible accuracy it can track swing speeds up to 2000 mph and tracks movements as small as 1mm. This all translates to an exceptional golf game that knows where a ball will land as if the player hit a real golf ball on a real golf course.

This new controller and game will be bundled together and sold at major retailers across North America for an MSRP of $69.99. For more information or to get a sneak peak of the game visit

About In2Games

In2Games is dedicated to creating new and exciting gaming experiences through the creative combination of hardware and software. In2Games combines expertise in hardware design and manufacture with leading-edge software development, resulting in a new range of console and PC products offering gamers brand-new experiences. In2Games is a licensed publisher for PlayStation®2 and Xbox® software in Europe, and has offices in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. For additional information, go to or contact

About Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.

Mad Catz is a worldwide leader of innovative peripherals in the interactive entertainment industry. Mad Catz designs and markets a full range of accessories for video game systems and publishes video game software, including the industry leading GameShark brand of video game enhancements. Mad Catz has distribution through most leading retailers offering interactive entertainment products. Mad Catz has its operating headquarters in San Diego, California and offices in Canada, Europe and Asia. For additional information go to

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