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Legendo appoints IMC to supervise worldwide PR and communication

Cologne/Gothenborg 10th April 2006

Sweden based publisher Legendo Entertainment appoints IMC, InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH, to supervise communication for all upcoming PC and console projects to the specialist media, both in Europe and North America. The Cologne based agency is focused on print, online and broadcast media and will serve as Legendo's central point of communication for Legendo.

At present Legendo has released their platform action game "Legendo's The Three Musketeers" for the PC in more than 20 territories, and is close to finalize their upcoming title "Dracula Twins", scheduled for release this spring.

Ingo Horn, Head of Communication at IMC, InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH, said: "Legendo Entertainment has proven they can deliver interesting products to the market on a world-wide level. With their current line-up of four promising products for 2006 - including one next generation title - they will maximize their attention. IMC will conduct and supervise PR activities for these titles and take care of every interested editor on a worldwide basis."

Bjorn LG Larsson, CEO of Legendo Entertainment AB said: "I believe we have found a solid media partner in IMC that enables Legendo to grow organically while maintaining a clear focus on publishing and production. IMC have a clear and realistic understanding of market demands and current trends in the games industry, and they are also able to professionally communicate with the press even at an early stage in games development. With the support of IMC, Legendo will reach a wider target audience in both Europe and the US, pushing us to the next level and consequently into the next generation."

About Legendo:

Based in Sweden, Legendo Entertainment is a publisher-developer of computer entertainment and intellectual properties. The company has retail and electronic distribution arrangements covering more than 50 countries around the world. More information about Legendo and its products can be found on the company's web site,

About IMC:

IMC, InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH is Europe's first full-service agency for interactive media, located in Cologne/Germany. With excellence in producing, marketing, PR and licensing IMC offers an effective unit working for developers and publishers worldwide.


IMC InteractiveMediaConsulting GmbH

Ingo Horn, Head of Communication

T: +49-2203-9803019


Business Contact Legendo


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