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Cave Jumper Leaps into Action

For Immediate Release

April 13th, 2006 - Addictive 247,, is jumping for joy at the release of their retro platformer, Cave Jumper. Search for treasure in this modern retro style arcade game. Armed with a trusty pickaxe, helmet flashlight, and any dynamite you may come across, Cave Jumper is the antidote for nostalgic game graphics without dated game play.

Cave Jumper features over 100 levels of fun, with each level containing secrets that can be uncovered. In the deep, dark, caves there are many monsters lurking, from bats and bears to dragons and skeletons. Luckily, Cave Jumpers keep a fair arsenal to combat such trouble. With over 10 different and completely unique weapons to find, there will be no shortage of red pixels as you carve a swath through your enemies.

Creatures aren't the biggest trouble inside the caverns. The light on your helmet has a limited battery and failure to find a replacement may result in a very dark cave. Those very dark caves have very dark ledges and one wrong step can send an unwary Cave Jumper to certain doom.

Its action packed old school fun. Cave Jumper comes complete with a free demo, available at

About Addictive 247
Founded in 2001, Addictive 247 is an Independent Game Developer focusing on high quality products for the PC platform. The company became well known after winning the 2003 Shareware Industry Award for their puzzle game Solid Spheres. Find out more at


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Demo Download: ;

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