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Bonk is back!

Hudson's gaming mascot heads to mobile phones

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm of Hudson soft, has announced the triumphant return of its prehistoric prima donna, Bonk the caveman, who will be appearing on the mobile platform for the very first time.

Originally created as a Japanese comic strip character in PC Engine magazine in the 1980s, Bonk was soon elevated to game fame, becoming the mascot character for the TurboGrafx games system in 1990.

Following numerous appearances on a diverse range of platforms, including arcade, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, and as part of a classics collection on Sony's PlayStation 2, the whacky warrior has taken a good few years break from the industry.

The new mobile game, Bonk's Return, is a retelling of the original Bonk's Adventure game, and is currently being developed specifically for the wireless platform by Two Tribes. Featuring the same iconic characters, abilities and enemies of the original, the mobile debut will also include 13 prehistoric landscapes, four mini-games such as Lava Lobbing and Mad Dash Run, signature moves and power-ups, and a dramatic final boss battle with the evil King Drool.

John Greiner, president of Hudson Entertainment, commented: "Bonk has had a huge following ever since he was the mascot character for the TurboGrafx system in the 90's, and the number one request we get from our fans is to bring him back. Bonk going mobile paves the way for us to introduce this crazy caveman to a new generation of fans, and we have plans for more Bonk games on multiple platforms."

The wireless debut for Bonk's continuing adventures is scheduled for summer in North America, for both Java and Brew-enabled handsets.

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