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Mobile 3D Gaming Breakthrough!

"Cyboid" brings true 3D gaming experience to current Symbian-based phones!


LOS ANGELES, CA (April 25, 2006) - Bobbee Tec, llc. announced today that the Symbian version of their Cyboid 3D game is ready to ship for Nokia 7650 and Nokia N-Gage, and will be released on Monday, May 1, 2006.

Cyboid is a "bleeding-edge" 3D multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) that brings PC-style full-screen graphics, sounds, music, and special effects to current- (and even previous-generation) cell phones! Players see through the eyes of their fighter as they run, jump, swim and explore their way around the platforms, ramps, underwater pools, lava pits and even teleportals while staying alive to grab the best weapons and powerups! The action is always fast and furious for solo warriors, or up to eight teammates over Bluetooth, as they battle against creatures, monsters and each other in the full 3D worlds!

Cyboid has many unique special effects and features including vibration, multi-channel music and spatial sounds that alert players to the dangers lurking around the next corner, or subtly hint at the rewards (and the battles!) off in the distance. There's even an exclusive feature for cooperative multiplayer games that allows recently fallen players to continue watching the action through the eyes of their still-fighting teammates before rejoining the game to save the day!

Cyboid offers multiple skill levels, game modes and a huge variety of settings and options that lets players choose their own style of fun that perfectly matches their gaming skill and experience. Cyboid extends replay value even further with exclusive "Smart mix" placement of creatures, items, weapons and powerups that keeps the action fresh, while the difficulty remains at the player's setting! Cyboid also supports a variety of optional add-ons that include new levels to explore and conquer, as well as monsters, items, powerups and other extras that automatically add to the "Smart mix", even for existing levels!

For more about Cyboid, along with plenty of in-game screenshots, please visit

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