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Piggyback Opens Lara's Secret Chest To Unveil Maximum Xbox 360 Gamerscore

Piggyback Reveals How To Attain A Full 1,000 Gamescore For The Xbox 360 Version of Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider: Legend.

Friday 7th April 2006/... Piggyback, the number one publisher of official game guides in Europe, today pulled back the veil on some exclusive Secrets from its Xbox 360TM Official Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend guide to showcase how to raid 1,000 Gamerpoints. To attain this total, players are required to unlock 25 Achievements (outlined below), each one of which rewards the player with a percentage of the Gamerpoints grand total. Only then can Xbox 360 players call themselves bona fide Tomb Raider legends. The guide is released today for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC.

How to gain 1,000 Gamerpoints:

Achievement Requirement Gamerscore
01 Found 5 Bronze Rewards 10
02 Found 35 Bronze Rewards 15
03 Found all Bronze Rewards 20
04 Found 10 Silver Rewards 20
05 Found all Silver Rewards 25
06 Found 5 Gold Rewards 30
07 Found all Gold Rewards 35
08 Found all Rewards 50
09 Bolivia Level completed 50
10 Peru Level completed 50
11 Japan Level completed 50
12 Ghana Level completed 50
13 Kazakhstan Level completed 75
14 England Level completed 75
15 Nepal Level completed 75
16 Game completed on Explorer or Adventurer difficulty 125
17 Game completed on Tomb Raider difficulty 125
18 Bolivia Time Trial completed 10
19 Peru Time Trial completed 10
20 Japan Time Trial completed 10
21 Ghana Time Trial completed 10
22 Kazakhstan Time Trial completed 10
23 England Time Trial completed 10
24 Nepal Time Trial completed 10
25 All Time Trials completed 50
- Total Gamerscore 1000

Offering exclusive artwork and insider tips straight from Crystal Dynamics, the 198-page guide is the definitive companion to Eidos Interactive's critically acclaimed game. The guide releases today at an RRP of £10.99/14.99 with the US version shipping at $16.99.

Managing Director of Piggyback, Louie Beatty, commented: "Unlocking all 25 Achievements to attain a maximum 1,000 Gamerscore on Xbox 360 is just one of many sections to be found in the extensive Secrets chapter of the Tomb Raider: Legend Guide and we're delighted to have been able to reveal something special to accompany today's launch."

Official Guide Product Details:

  • Authoritative, all-encompassing walkthrough offers step by step guidance, plus advanced strategies and tried-and-tested techniques refined over months of dedicated play.
  • Dozens of detailed annotated maps provide an at-a-glance guide to every locale Lara visits. All maps feature key information for each area, including checkpoints, reward locations and the ideal route for Lara to follow.
  • Highlighted references lead to the 47-page Extras chapter, which not only explains how to collect each Gold, Silver and Bronze reward, but also reveals every single unlockable feature in Tomb Raider Legend.
  • Piggyback's signature three-level tab system facilitates easy access to all sections of the guide, such as the illuminating How to Play chapter, individual level walkthroughs, the Secrets section, and the revealing Behind the Scenes interview feature.
  • Concept art, sketches, renders and illustrative hi-res screenshots make every page an individual and visually rich experience.
  • Back cover foldout features multi-format control instructions and a map legend for easy reference.

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Tomb Raider: Legend Official Guide Details

  • RRP: £10.99/ 14.99 - Available in all good videogame retail outlets and bookstores.
  • ISBN (UK): 1-903511-81-X
  • EAN (UK): 978 978-1-903511-81-7

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