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Munich/Basingstoke/Milan/Paris, 26/04/2006. Deep Silver and Stormregion confirm the new 3D technology standard for their upcoming RTS game Rush for Berlin.

"We have been improving the technology significantly over the past months, e.g. the latest version of the proven Gepard engine fully supports Pixel Shader 3.0 now. The 3D engine delivers amazing pictures and creates a cinematic feeling. Moreover, our team for story writing and cutscenes previously worked in the TV and film industry. This guarantees a great plot and mission development. Our mission design and the Gepard technology have been highly rewarded in the past with our releases of Codename: Panzers. We are sure to surpass that quality in our upcoming strategy hit Rush for Berlin in May 2006," says Tamás Szerémy (Development Director, Stormregion)

Please enjoy the screenshots that demonstrate the use of different Shader settings for comparison in Rush for Berlin.

Detailed Technological Features

The further developed GEPARD engine provides full 3D display.

Support of Shader 3.0 technology.

Realistic 3D effects: explosions, fire, smoke and flying particles, muzzle fire and smoke, exhaust fumes, smoke grenades, splashing effects and many more.

Realistically modelled units: dynamic suspension, knockback on acceleration and braking, weapons recoil.

A vast amount of polygons per object: buildings, bridges, power plants, castles, trains, trams, tanks and other vehicles as well as soldiers.

Objects cast real-time shadows on themselves, the terrain and other objects.

Environment mapping, e.g. bridges and clouds are reflected in water.

Light and bump mapping / T&L.

Supports graphic resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.

Areas out of sight are covered by a fog of war - also indicated on the mini map.

Use of the Miles Sound System for a complete 3D environment.

Included SFX are: engine noises, shot effects, explosions, sound of footsteps, distant artillery noise, drizzle of rain, thunder effects, birdsong, splashing of water, wind, etc.

Units talk in the style and language specific to their nation. There are both single acknowledgments and longer dialogues.

Supports wav and mp3 files as sound resources.

Positional sounds are managed dynamically in groups based on the listener's position.

Dedicated 2D voice channels.

Streaming playback of mp3 files.

Separate volume controls for different sound types and 3D space mirroring for reversed stereo channels.

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