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PSP Take 2, New prices for DS Lite

for immediate release

Hong Kong, 25th April, 2006 - Renchi.com (www.renchi.com) - a leading import video games, consoles and game gear retailer, today announced updates on new prices for the Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP platforms.

Nintendo DS Lite, all 3 colors available - http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=752
Sony PSP - http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=755

One year and many versions later, there are still many new (and some existing) PSP enthusiasts wondering what the right versions and systems are for them. So RenChi (??) has put up a "PSP -Take 2" update to explain the different packages, versions, and some of their major differences, to aid customers to choose what they want. The update can be found here - http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=755

"Apparently the PSP 1.5x version is still quite popular and getting harder to find, we sold out all the existing inventory in just a few days. But good news to those who are still looking, we are expecting another shipment in early May, you can preorder if you want to make sure you get one this time", said a company spokesman. Also, the FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING is still available until at least April 30th and while stock last.

Perfect Mother's Day Gift - Nintendo DS Lite + Brain Age DS game. This game is extremely popular among middle age and older generations. It is a great Mother's Day gift idea, a good chance to get your mother introduced to the digital age! http://www.renchi.com/renchi/NewsDetail?newsID=754

RenChi.com (www.renchi.com) is a sister company of RedWolfAirsoft (www.redwolfairsoft.com), the leading worldwide airsoft supplier for the past 8 years. Based in Hong Kong, RenChi has the advantage of sourcing video games and consoles from various regions, including Japan, for great prices and speed. Enquiry can be sent to sales@renchi.com.

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