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10TACLE STUDIOS AG founds a new development studio

10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE develops game software for mobile entertainment platforms

Darmstadt, 21st April 2006 - With the formation of 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE 10TACLE STUDIOS AG now opens up the market for mobile entertainment media. With the help of this new development studio, 10TACLE STUDIOS AG lays the foundations for using the company's own brands on portable video game systems. At the same time, the studio also develops new original game concepts and brands.

10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE is a wholly-owned subsidiary of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG. Managing Director is Alexandra Gerb who has been working in the software industry for more than twelve years.

"Thanks to the formation of 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE we were able to hire some of the best developers of mobile games. The team will be further expanded during the next months and we are aiming at releasing a first title still this year", Alexandra Gerb, Managing Director of 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE, comments on the new challenge.

"The market of mobile entertainment platforms is gaining more importance very quickly and is currently one of the segments with the strongest growth in the industry. Therefore it is only a logical consequence of our company's development that we set up our own studio and thus further optimise the exploitation of our own licenses", Michele Pes, CEO of 10TACLE STUDIOS AG, comments on the company's policy of expansion.

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