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GameTrove Opens to Support Independent Game Developers

For Immediate Release

April 25th 2006 - GameTrove, a new site on the web, opened today with the objective of getting rid of the middle men and enabling players to get their games straight from the developers. GameTrove, found at http://www.gametrove.net, is a free indie/casual games portal. Unlike other portals, games are submitted by the developers who made them instead of by a publisher or an affiliate. Players decide which games are fun via the rating system instead of an editor basing the information on sales.

The site, described as a great working example of a new business model, provides independent and casual game developers with a way to distribute their game without having to go through a publisher. GameTrove provides players with many social features like friends, ratings, and comments to find out collectively which games are fun. Unlike other portals that take a large chunk of the profit from the developer the site is supported by ads purchased by developers. Hopefully with help from the community GameTrove can grow into a useful resource for developers and players alike.

To offer your support please visit www.gametrove.net and join the fun.


For business opportunities please contact Dan Phillips at contact@gametrove.net

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