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SHMUP-DEV - Bringing shoot 'em up developers together.

CINCINNATI, OH USA (April 4, 2006) - SHMUP-DEV, a community site based on shoot 'em ups, announced today the end of their very first competition, labeled "Horizontal Shooter with BOSS!" and bagged in a cluster bomb full of action packed games! - A developer site that focuses on the design of shmups (shoot em ups) has been teeming with life since it's dawn just late last year. The site's main focus is to bring attention to a genre which still has a lot of promise in the shareware sphere of casual gaming. With great "shmup" titles released each year on Portal sites, its no wonder a site like this one grew up so fast! The community there is a mix of shareware developers along with freelance artists as well as freeware game designers all the way to shmup-fans!

Although the site is new, it managed to pull off hosting a competition to remember! Its first competition, managed to pull in 24 entries, thousands of visits, and gigabytes of traffic. With sponsorships for the competition, the prizes were pretty impressive, and the games available are a blast!

The contest launched about 3 months ago, and it was named "Horizontal Shooter with BOSS" - as the days passed by, more and more people signed up and started announcing their intentions to enter. Within a couple months it was strong with lots of WIP threads, lots of games and many ideas running about. In the end, some people dropped out of the contest due to lack of time, but the ones that stayed in, surely made some impressive games!

Prototype, an R-Type clone claimed the first prize. Next we have Funky Space, which is somewhat like defender as far as the scrolling goes, but it comes with crazy power-ups!! Then at the third place we have subsurface, an undersea adventure loaded with 3D graphics and awesome particle effects! You can go through the list and see games with amazing graphics and detail all the way down the ranks. With great titles competing for the first prize, it's a great time playing each one of them!

Shoot over to and check out reviews, screenshots, and play some great shooters! Even the lower ranked ones are a blast, so dont miss out!!

About is a website focused on the design, marketing, and community support for a specific genre. The site was founded in December of 2005 with the primary goal of improving the shmup genre in the casual sphere.

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