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Discover the Magic of the King Tut's Treasure

April 12th 2006, Pokie Magic,, creators of virtual slot simulations is proud to announce their next title, King Tut's Treasure, is now available. Created in Australia, Pokie Magic and King Tut's Treasure is an easy way to have the fun of real casino slots on your PC without risking hard earned money.

King Tut's Treasure features a realistic slot simulation with statistic tracking, banks, and even roulette. The special game event involves a series of gem collections. As each gem spin multiplies your winnings, culminating with the Serpent Round, where every spin is a winner.

The youthful Pharaoh and ancient pyramids will entice you to play for the honour of Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt. Save Cleopatra's Jewels, then defeat the mighty Asp in the Serpent Spins and the riches of Ra's Treasure will be yours for the taking!

King Tut and the entire Pokie Magic line is designed based on real casino slots. Their online highscore table also features an innovative multi-platform progressive slot jackpot. That means players from all over the world are contributing to the online jackpot some lucky player could win at any moment.

The game and 25 other unique, exciting slot simulations come with an absolutely risk free trial available at Join with customers in 51 countries, you'll soon understand why "Playing the slots at home" is so much fun.

So discover the Tomb of King Tut and the riches within.


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