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Impossible s.r.o. is proud to present A 3D space trading simulator

ITC - The Intergalactic Trading Company

The latest game from Impossible, the Czech-based developers of mobile content, allows the player to roam freely through unbelievably huge gaming world. There are no restriction, no rules to follow. The player is free to choose, whether he becomes a merchant or a pirate, whether he will just freelance, accepting varied quests and tasks from mysterious NPCs or whether he will follow the main story-line.

There are two randomly generated galaxies for the player to explore. Each time a new game is started, both galaxies are completely generated and asure that an unique game is played every time.

Impossible chose to make the game accessible to as many players as possible, so the game is playable even on i.e. Nokia s30 and s40 series. ITC is a must have for any fan of space simulation and trading games.

The game will be available through many channels in US, Europe, Russia, China, Africa and other territories.

- Menu music, ingame speech (ship system reporting events)
- Unique gameplay
- Game time exceeding 25+ hours
- Many types and makes of ships
- Many types and makes of weaponry (single laser, double laser, quad laser, missile, timed missile, homing missile, light ray and others)
- 10 types of commodities
- Vector graphics
- Various tasks and quest

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