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SUNFLOWERS travels to E3 2006 with some precious cargo: Introducing ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld

SUNFLOWERS, leading computer games producer and expert in the Strategy genre, will be presenting two major new titles at this year's E3 in Los Angeles: ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld. SUNFLOWERS invites partners and journalists to presentations as well as discus

Heusenstamm, April 20th, 2006. From May 10 - 12, 2006, SUNFLOWERS will present the two forthcoming game highlights ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 (E3) in Los Angeles. The SUNFLOWERS stand, Meeting Room No 511 B / West Meeting Rooms, will provide an opportunity to experience the two potential Blockbusters first-hand.

Millions of ANNO fans across the globe have been waiting impatiently for this moment: For the first time ever, the fantastic Gameplay featured in ANNO 1701 (the third part of the most successful game series of all time emerging from German-speaking countries) will be presented to the public. In addition to the extremely detailed graphics, which are bound to set new standards for the genre, this unrivalled king of Empire Building Strategy games boasts unrivalled depth and comprehensive innovations. In terms of content, the third part begins where its two predecessors ended. In the age of exploration and sea trade, the player sets off to discover new islands and establish huge metropolises. The classic ANNO principle is, of course, preserved in this latest version: Increase your influence and treat your people well. E3 Visitors can expect nothing short of the best ANNO game of all time.

SUNFLOWERS' second title, ParaWorld, is the result of what is probably the most complex, costly and time-consuming RTS game development effort to date to emerge from the German-language territories. Just before its world-wide release, visitors can explore the nearly-final version. This 3D Real-time Strategy game takes the player to a prehistoric parallel world populated by exotic tribes and awesome battle dinosaurs. In addition to the inventive storyline and sensational graphics, the "Army Controller" is ParaWorld's innovative highlight. It allows the player to control all units as well as a tribe's development centrally and comfortably, thus opening new dimensions of clarity and ease of control in the RTS genre.

"We are very proud to be in a position to present not one, but two such ambitious and immensely promising titles - ANNO 1701 and ParaWorld - at this year's E3," says Adi Boiko, President of SUNFLOWERS. "As we have already received extremely positive international feedback with regards to both titles, we look forward very optimistically to the worldwide market launch of ParaWorld by the end of August and ANNO 1701 in October 2006. To us, the E3 is the ideal platform to communicate with partners as well as representatives of the press and to establish and maintain contacts."

The large stand (140 square meters; Meeting Room No 511 B / West Meeting Rooms) features the new SUNFLOWERS Corporate Design for the first time. The trendy yet calm ambience of the three meeting rooms is ideally suited for interviews, game presentations and relaxed chats away from the general hustle and bustle of the trade fair.


SUNFLOWERS is a leading producer of computer games and, with 4.4 million copies sold in the ANNO series, has marketed the two most successful games of all time in German-speaking countries.

The factors influencing the success of the Heusenstamm-based company originally formed in 1993 include creativity, innovative strength and flexibility, coupled with an uncompromising claim to quality and highly developed process management. In order to guarantee the high quality of the company's own products, the entire added-value chain from planning to market-ing comes from a single source. The games are sold internationally by exclusive partners. SUNFLOWERS products also appeal to novices and occasional players and develop step-by-step from a niche to the mass market.

Company founders Adi Boiko and Wilhelm Hamrozi and their co-workers are motivated by a passion for what they do and the responsibility for the success of their own products as well as the development of the gaming industry overall.

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