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Vivendi-Universal Games announces Eragon film adaptation

Vivendi will bring international literary success Eragon to PC, consoles and handhelds later this year to coincide with the release of the film - and has secured notable fantasy game developer Stormfront to head development.

Vivendi-Universal Games has announced that it is adapting Eragon for release on PC, consoles and handhelds to coincide with the release of the film later this year.

The 20th Century Fox film Eragon, due to premiere on December 15th, is based on the fantasy novels by Christopher Paolini, which have enjoyed worldwide success.

The film will also aim to boost the books' modest profile in the UK with a stellar international cast including Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and others.

Vivendi plans to release the videogame Eragon on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance this November.

Eragon focuses on a young farm boy who discovers that his destiny is to become a Dragon Rider. With help from a broad range of characters he discovers that he alone has the power to save or destroy the Empire.

Vivendi is approaching the franchise with a view to long-term success, and has secured Stormfront Studios - a force in fantasy film adaptations, having received considerable plaudits for its work on EA's critically acclaimed Lord of the Rings adaptations - to develop the console and PC versions. Amaze Entertainment is handling portable game development.

With the Eragon game due out in November, Vivendi plans to introduce it to the world at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo, offering footage and first-look materials.

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