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Coming soon: SteelKeys 6G

April 04. 2006.

Over the next few weeks we will announce new products from SteelSeries, some of them are a natural extension to our current product line, and some of them will be taking the SteelSeries brand in new directions.

The first product is the SteelKeys 6G - a professional gaming keyboard.

It's a product we have been working on for nine months. It was first released to the Asian market to support players of the dance game "o2 Jam". The game raised the bar for detailed and advanced key combinations, to master the game players needed to press up to 9 different keys simultaneously.

The keyboard has undergone several revisions since the Asian launch, to further optimize it for First Person Shooters and the needs of gamers from the Western Hemisphere.

SteelKeys 6G can't tell you what time it is, recharge your iPod, illuminate your room with softcore lighting or make coffee - but it's amazingly responsive, extremely durable and optimized for gaming.

More information is available from, which also features a few images of the keyboard.

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