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Infospace creates a spherical miracle

Marble Galaxy announced

Mobile games and entertainment publisher Infospace has announced the launch of Marble Galaxy, a new title designed specifically for the mobile market that combines the simplicity of marbles with the precision of pool to create an entirely new gameplay experience.

Players must shoot coloured marbles from the launcher at the bottom of the screen, attempting to navigate past walls, bumpers, speed boosters, brakes and a host of additional obstacles in an effort to pot the perfect shot.

The constant need to employ strategic aiming, careful planning and account for the temper-testing ricochet effects turn this simple concept into a compulsive mobile game that has been designed to be easy to learn and devilishly difficult to master.

The game features a Tutorial mode to pick up the tricks and tactics that will hopefully lead to mastery of the marble madness, as well as a quick game mode, and a full career mode to take on some of the finest players on the planet.

Especially skilled players can pick up various in-game trophies to acknowledge their precision potting, including the Stage Marksman Cup or the Smash N' Bump King Trophy.

Alan Welsman, VP marketing for Infospace, commented: "Marble Galaxy is everything a great mobile game should be. It's simple to understand, fun to play, colourful, compelling and convenient. The majority of mobile phone users are not hardened gamers and providing them with easy to play, casual games is essential to the growth of the mobile content industry."

Marble Galaxy will be available throughout North America and Europe this month, for a wide range of the most popular handsets from all major mobile phone manufacturers.

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