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Exit Games Powers Ahead with Next Generation Mobile Gaming based on Intel® Building Blocks

Exit Games to Deliver Advanced Mobile Mulitplayer Gaming Functionality and Multiplayer Gaming Trial Capabilities.

San Francisco, CA - April 5th, 2006 - Exit Games, the leading global provider of connected mobile entertainment software and related services for game developers and publishers announced today that the company has aligned its software with Intel® building blocks to provide advanced mobile multiplayer gaming functionality.

The alignment brings Exit Games into the Intel MCP Solutions Center which will enable Exit Games to integrate the mobile multiplayer service, Exit Games Neutron 3.0, into a comprehensive IMS proof of concept, built on Intel technologies. Exit Games will also provide multiplayer gaming trial capabilities to service providers. These highly interactive innovations provide enhanced multiplayer features as well as game communities for mobile game users.

Exit Games Neutron 3.0, a global multiplayer service powered by Intel® processors, allows Exit Games to serve Intel ecosystem members and customers on a global scale. Based on the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) games services standard, Exit Games Neutron 3.0 is an open multiplayer solution that connects mobile gamers across the world regardless of which device or mobile network they are using. The Neutron multiplayer solution is already used by leading international partners in North America, Asia, Europe and most recently South America.

Intel provides building blocks for advanced 3G capabilities to end-users worldwide, as well as technologies that enable mobility platforms, IMS and wireless network infrastructures, and handheld devices. By integrating the Exit Games Neutron 3.0 into the IMS proof of concept, Intel can enable wireless operators with innovative IMS-enabled multiplayer gaming trial capabilities.

"Intel holds an impressive reputation with wide variety of industries on a world-wide scale. Exit Games is proud to be aligned with Intel in providing enhanced multiplayer gaming features on the Intel IMS proof of concept," explains Tom Sperry, CEO of Exit Games USA. "The combination of their powerful processors for both handset and infrastructure capabilities with the advanced feature set offered by Exit Games Neutron 3.0 will drive the creation of the next generation of great mobile games that demonstrate the fun and endless possibilities of multiplayer gaming."

"Application choice and interoperability are key drivers for service providers implementing standards-based IMS solutions," said Dan Steingas, IMS market development manager, Communications Infrastructure Group, Intel. "By integrating the Exit Games Neutron interactive gaming solution into our IMS proof of concept, Intel continues to enable and prove application acceleration and flexibility."

The first multiplayer game trials based on the Intel processors and Exit Games Neutron technical partnership are due in the second quarter of 2006.

About Exit Games

Exit Games is a software provider for mobile entertainment platforms. The core product Exit Games Neutron is the leading mobile multiplayer solution, connecting mobile operators and users all over the world. Clients and partners of Exit Games are leading publishers, developers and mobile communications companies like Ifone, Mobile Lingo, Skyzone, Fremantle, Vodafone, Sprint, T-Mobile, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson, Siemens or BenQ Mobile. Exit Games was founded in 2003 on venture capital funding and maintains branches in Hamburg, Germany and San Francisco, CA /USA.

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