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New PlayStation Portable firmware to launch in Japan tomorrow

Sony is set to launch the latest version of the operating system software for the PlayStation Portable in Japan tomorrow, April 25th, adding yet more network and media functionality to the multi-purpose handheld console.

The update, which brings the version number of the PSP's firmware to v2.7, fixes a number of minor issues and reorganises certain elements of the system's options screens - but most importantly, adds support for Macromedia Flash and Apple's AAC music format.

The PSP web browser will now support Flash 6 playback, allowing users to view far more websites than was previously possible, although this option needs to be enabled in the console's settings screens once the update is downloaded, as it is disabled by default.

AAC music files are now also supported by the system; this is the preferred file format of Apple's iTunes software, and is also used in a DRM-protected form by the iTunes Music Store, although there's no mention of the new software being able to play back those DRM-protected files.

The other major addition to the console in this update is in the languages section, with users now able to select both Simplified and Traditional Chinese as the console's native language.

At present version 2.7 of the firmware has only been announced for Japanese PSPs, but if Sony follows its previous form, it's likely that it will be rolled out in North America and Europe within the coming weeks.

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