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Groundbreaking AGEIA PhysX Card Dramatically Improves Dynamic Physical Motion and Game Play Interaction

Athlone, Ireland - April 3rd, 2006 - Alienware®, the leading manufacturer of high-performance notebook, desktop, media center, and professional systems is now featuring the highly innovative new AGEIAT PhysXTM Processor on the Area-51® 7500 and AuroraT 7500 desktop systems. A revolutionary advancement in gameplay dynamics, the AGEIA PhysX Processor is the first and only physics processor to power an entirely new game experience of pervasive real-time physical motion and interaction.

The AGEIA PhysX Accelerator dramatically improves gameplay dynamics, powering a level of pervasive motion and interaction never before experienced, while maintaining blazing-fast frame rates. Now, huge numbers of objects are capable of interacting with every other object in an environment, and the corresponding reactions mimic the real world with astounding accuracy. With hardware-accelerated physics, games can now feature cause-and-effect motion and interaction on a massive scale so that fluids ooze and flow and explosions scatter debris of tens of thousands of pieces, each of which can cause collateral damage.

"The PhysX Accelerator opens up a totally new category in gaming innovation, said Brian Joyce, Vice-President of Marketing for Alienware. "It is the critical hardware element required for the next great leap in gameplay pervasive optimised game physics. Alienware systems loaded with PhysX processors, powerful CPUs and graphics processors have the three required hardware elements to electrify the gaming experience gamers have come to rely on from Alienware."

"Alienware leads the way in bringing the most powerful systems that drive the best game experiences to the gaming public," said Manju Hegde, CEO of AGEIA "Now with the addition of the AGEIA PhysX accelerator in its lineup, Alienware is pushing the envelope again with the first-ever dedicated physics accelerator, to change the face of gaming by blurring the line between virtual worlds and reality."

Area-51 7500 & Aurora 7500

. Featured on Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500 systems

. AGEIAT PhysXT Processor

. Dramatically improves gameplay dynamics

. Blazing-fast frame rates

. Entirely new game experience of pervasive real-time physical motion and interaction


Area-51 7500 and Aurora 7500 from £1,902 inc VAT excl delivery

Also available on AlienFinance packages.

For further information and hi-resolution product images please visit

About Alienware

Alienware Ltd. manufactures high-performance mobile systems and computer desktop and leading-edge professional systems. Alienware offers unique and award-winning products that incorporate state-of-the-art components, innovative engineering and design, and unprecedented customer service. Alienware systems are available direct within the United States and Europe. For more information, please visit or call 0800 279 9751 within the UK or +353 906 456 500 outside the UK.

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